Proceedings papers

(2016) Generalized Concept Generators (in Proceedings of NELS 46) 

[email for (much) longer 2015 ms.]


(2020) Narcissistic allomorphy in Santiago Tz’utujil (Baron, Lyskawa & Ranero, SSILA 2020)

[apparently non-local and morphosyntactically-inwardly-sensitive allomorphy in Santiago Tz’utujil]

(2020) States in the semantics of degree achievements (LSA 2020)

(2018) Different measures for degree achievements (SNEWS, UMass Amherst)

[degree achievement verbs and their semantics; email for longer 2019 ms. covering the two above presentations]

(2017) A Prospective Puzzle and a Possible Solution (FAMLi 4, SSILA 2017)

[aspect in Kaqchikel]

(2016) Factivity is acquired gradually over the preschool years (Hacquard, Dudley, Baron & Lidz, BUCLD 41)

[acquisition of the semantics and pragmatics of attitude verbs]