I’m a PhD candidate in linguistics at MIT. My dissertation is mostly about the modifiers almost and barely, and what we learn from their distribution and interpretation.

My prior research has focused on a few things: a pattern of non-local, syntactically triggered, inwardly-sensitive allomorphy in aspect morphology in Santiago Atitlán Tz’utujil (with collaborators Ted Levin, Paulina Lyskawa, and Rodrigo Ranero funded by the Jacobs Research Funds and the Kenneth Hale Fellowship Fund); the morphosyntax and semantics of degree achievement verbs, comparatives, and adjectives; and the semantics and acquisition of attitude verbs.

In 2015, I completed a BA in linguistics and a BA in philosophy at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst; I then spent a year as a Baggett Fellow in the University of Maryland before returning to Massachusetts.

I can be reached at cjbaron (at) mit (dot) edu.